Royal Tara

Celtic Needlework Christmas Ornaments Set


■ Set of 4 gorgeous Celtic velvet ornaments adorned with vibrant beads and glittering sequins. Each ornament features a gold plaited cord for hanging. 
■ The Irish harp ornament measures 3.9'' X 2.4'' and it beautifully depicts one of Ireland’s most treasured national symbols. 
■ The Shamrock hanging ornament measures 3.5'' X 3.5'' and features intricate and eye-catching needlework. 
■ The Claddagh ring ornament, a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship, measures 3.5'' X 3.9' and' features gorgeous intricate details. 
■ The High Cross ornament, which depicts an important symbol in Irish Christianity, measures 3.9'' X 2.8''. 

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These beautiful velvet hanging ornaments are intricate, mesmerizing, and masterfully crafted.

The set includes a Claddagh ring ornament, a Celtic High cross, an Irish harp, and a Shamrock - all rich with meaning and charm. The needlework is a true work of art, as you can see from the intricate gold thread interlacing. The plaited gold cord that is used for the hanging is the perfect finishing touch. These ornaments make a wonderful gift idea for anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and is proud of their heritage.

These ornaments are sure to add a touch of elegance to any Christmas tree, and they make a great holiday season reminder of everything you love about Ireland.