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Baby Mittens and Hat Set

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  • Pick up one of our Baby Mittens and Hat Set just in time for your next family photo shoot or family gathering and make some very adorable memories that you and your loved ones will never forget. These little mittens and hat offer a timeless look that looks wonderful on any little boy or girl. 
  • The Aran stitch utilized in the design of our Baby Mittens and Hat Set have been utilized by Irish garment makers for centuries, and first originated among the Aran Islands off Ireland’s north western coast. The design helped keep fishermen and coastal dwellers dry and cozy from harsh Atlantic winds and rain. 
  • Our Baby Mittens and Hat Set are knitted from 100% pure merino wool and are easily the softest, most stylish, and most durable little garments your baby will ever wear. The unbelievable comfort they offer ensures your little one will enjoy them as they won’t feel scratchy or too warm when worn. 
  • Carraig Donn is one of Ireland’s most well recognized and well established makers of authentic Celtic clothing, and is a popular brand throughout the world. Each item the company produces is designed at its headquarters in County Mayo, Ireland, and is manufactured at one of its facilities in the country. 
  • Each of our Baby Mittens and Hat Set ship in a natural white color and in a very well made one-size-fits-all design. Regardless of if you have a boy or girl in need of one of these sets, they will look so cute and adorable wearing them you will hardly be able to stand it!


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Our Baby Mittens and Hat Set from Carraig Donn are an ideal gift for that special new baby girl or boy who will look adorable in this cozy little items. Our wonderful mitten and hat set are available in natural white, and knitted by hand from 100% pure merino wool in County Mayo, Ireland. The pom-pom hat and mittens are crafted from an organic merino wool that is both ultra-soft and warm, and is the perfect material for a baby’s sensitive new skin. The classic Aran knit pattern included in this design is a celtic tradition that has been perfected over the course of centuries, and we are so thrilled the new baby in your life can take part in something that Celtic families have enjoyed for many generations. Likewise, the quality of our Baby Mittens and Hat Set ensures it can be passed on to other newborns who come along in your family, making this set a wonderful keepsake item that you will fondly look back on many years after the little one outgrows it.

Merino wool has been treasured by Irish garment makers for decades, who prize the material for its incredible durability, unparalleled softness, and reactive properties that keep the wearer as comfortable as possible. Unlike other types of wool, merino holds its newness longer, and it won’t stretch or fade after multiple seasons of regular use. Additionally, the softness of merino will astound you, and it is an excellent choice for children’s and baby garments, since the comfort it offers won’t compel them to remove the hat or mittens due to scratchiness or overheating.

Since 1965, Carraig Donn has earned a reputation as Ireland’s premier retailer of Irish fashion, jewellry, and fine giftware products. Each design is inspired by the company’s long history as an Irish retailer, and the company’s craftspeople are steadfastly dedicated to drawing on the rich historical heritage of the country for everything the company produces. The company is a 100% Irish owned and operated firm, and is known throughout the globe for offering some of the most authentic, quality-made items on the market. You absolutely will not regret picking up one of these Baby Mittens and Hat Sets and neither will your little one! The quality will astound you, as well as the style, and will look wonderful on your tyke in family photos or at family gatherings.

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