Irish Blessing Shamrock Garden China Mug Set

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  • The products are hand-painted by skilled, experienced and hardworking artisans, giving them a heart, almost perfect touch
  • The products come in a set of two mugs, practical enough for you to share your cup of coffee or tea with a friend or family 
  • The mug set is a product of the prestigious and leading excellent bone china production company in Ireland- Royal Tara
  • The design and style of each piece combines the rich Irish heritage with an artistic genius, a result of which are the magnificent mugs
  • Each mug has a holding capacity of 400mls, sufficient enough to enjoy your beverage and get fully satisfied


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Many people enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, either as early morning or late evening refreshment. Coffee and tea are one of the most common beverages consumed regularly by people in their millions across the world. For those with an artistic eye and touch, they are particularly selective and attentive in what holds their coffee or tea. There are a lot of magnificent mugs and cups that you can use to keep your beverage that is unique and impressive. One of the ultimate mugs that should not miss in your kitchenware is our stunning Irish Blessing Shamrock Garden China Set.
Our splendid mug set, hand-painted bone china, is a product of Royal Tara. The renown and remarkable Irish firm are a top producer of exquisite, genuine, and unique fine bone china. The company, in existence for over 50 years now, leads the pack in the manufacturing industry.
Royal Tara has over the years, set the highest production standards in their line of items. Their luxury products, carefully and skillfully hand-painted, stands out and are easily recognizable even in a crowd. Each product from Royal Tara carries with it a piece of the excellent and ancient Irish history. The company employs the most skilled, experienced, and dedicated team of artisans who put their hearts out on the superb bone china products that pass through their hands.
The hand-painted designs on Royal Tara products combine class, style with the cultural, traditional, and religious Irish heritage. The use of the intricate patterns and designs relatable to the Celtic origins endears the products to many people whose roots are from Ireland. The lovely products have a global presence, with people from around the world drawn to the unique and exquisite designs, touch and class of the items.
The lovely Irish Blessing Shamrock Garden China Set features of the most iconic, famous and loved Irish Blessings which reads;
“May the road rise to meet you. may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.”
A traditional Celtic Knotwork entirely encircles the touching Irish blessing. Highlighting the Celtic Knotwork are vibrant green shamrocks against a green backdrop that create a festive, sophisticated look. The shamrock is arguably one of Ireland's most recognizable symbols, with its rooting deep in the cultural and religious practices of the Irish people. The hand-paintings on each piece of item is elaborate, clear, distinct, and unique.

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