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Claddagh Ring Rope Plaque

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■ Ceramic: This plaque is made of ceramic, a quality material with lasting durability.
■ Irish Claddagh: Front and center in this plaque is the Irish Claddagh: two hands uniting in friendship to hold a loyalty-crowned heart of love.
■ Rope: An emerald green rope gracefully frames this plaque, adding color, texture, and dimension.
■ Dimensions: This plaque spans 7 inches in diameter, a perfect size for display.


Share the message of love, loyalty, and friendship with everyone in your home with this Claddagh ring rope plaque! This vibrant ceramic plaque is 7 inches in diameter and shines from top to bottom with striking Irish designs. At the center is the Irish Claddagh consisting of two hands representing friendship that unite to hold a heart symbolizing love. Atop the heart is a crown signifying loyalty between friends.

Above the Claddagh is the line “Let love and friendship reign forever.” Surrounding this center design are blue and green swirl patterns and interwoven gold Celtic knots with accents of blue and red. The infinite loops of Celtic knots symbolize never-ending love between loved ones. Finished off with an emerald green rope for hanging, this plaque makes a beautiful Irish souvenir!