Robert Emmet Company

Large Claddagh Brass Door Knocker Cross Back


■ Official Robert Emmet Company product
■ Made of Solid Brass Polished brass finish
■ Gorgeous Claddagh design with Cross Back
■ Measurements: 5.5″ by 5″
■ Gift-boxed

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A symbol can say more than a hundred words and this is why we love to display symbols that represent us, either through clothing, accessories, or home decor items. This gorgeous Claddagh door knocker sends a message of love, loyalty and friendship. The cross at the back is a symbol of faith and upholding religious values. If these are the values that define you and your family, let that be known through this beautiful decor accessory. The door knocker is made of solid brass and features a polished finish that gives it an impeccable gleam. It is an accessory that is practical, elegant, and meaningful, which is what makes it so special! The door knocker comes in a gift box and includes a clapper and mounting bolts, along with instructions.