Julie Clarke

Patchouli Leaves & Sandalwood Handcrafted Irish Candle


■ Made of 100% pure vegan natural waxes from renewable & biodegradable sources, this candle is environmentally friendly
■ The oriental sandalwood base note blends with the sweet & earthy notes of Indian patchouli, and fresh, citrusy notes of bergamot creating a captivating scent 
■ Encased in a reusable porcelain jar with a practical lid, which features an elegant peacock design, a symbol of immortality in Celtic culture
■ Our candle is 3.14 inches tall, weighs 5.3 oz, and has 30 hours burning time, perfect for a long-lasting relaxing experience in your home
■ Presented in a beautiful package, this candle makes a unique Celtic gift for someone dear, and a thoughtful housewarming present that would elevate the atmosphere of anyone’s home

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Our captivating Celtic Peacock Candle – Patchouli & Sandalwood provides a comforting scent that will elevate the vibe of your home.
Crafted from 100% pure vegan natural waxes from biodegradable and renewable sources, this candle is environmentally-friendly and safe to use.
The candle scent has a sandalwood base note, emanating a classic oriental woody and creamy aroma. It is complemented by the Indian patchouli heart note, that combines sweet notes with earthy undertones. Topping it off are the fresh notes of bergamot, infusing a citrusy and light fragrance.
Coming in a reusable porcelain jar with an elegant peacock design, symbolizing immortality in Celtic culture, this candle adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its practical lid enhances the aesthetic of this piece of home decor, and can also be used to blow out the candle.
Made in Ireland by Julie Clark Candlemaker, this candle is a sustainable gift and a piece of home decor that would add a touch of Celtic flair to any space. Whether it's for your own home, a Celtic gift for a dear one, or a thoughtful housewarming present, this exquisite candle will surely impress.