Isle of Skye Candles Co

Bog Myrtle and Fresh Mint Irish Candle


■ This unique candle is made using natural soy wax that is safe to use
■ Has a burning time of up to 45 hours
■ Comes in a large tumble jar that can be reused
■ Our piece combines the aromas of warm Bog Myrtle and fresh Scottish mint
■ Luxurious packaging whose colors were inspired by the wild landscapes of Scotland


Ships in 24 Hours

This unique candle captures pieces of Scotland, making it the perfect addition to any Scottish household. The candle is finely made with organic soy wax that is completely safe to use as it does not contain artificial additives. This Scottish candle burns for up to 45 hours and comes in a large glass that is reusable after the wax melts. Our piece will bring a touch of fresh herbal scents to every area of your home. This candle uses the purest essences, providing a long-lasting fragrance of warm Bog Myrtle and Scottish mint. Our reinvigorating candle will definitely leave a great impression on anyone.