Isle of Skye Candles Co

Bog Myrtle and Fresh Mint Small Handmade Candle


■ Miniature candle handmade from 100% renewable soya wax 
■ Features a refreshing scent of bog myrtle and mint 
■ The candle has an approximately 20-hour burn time 
■ Created in Scotland on the Isle of Skye 


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After a stressful day, you want to have a little bit of time for yourself to relax and recharge. Luckily, aromatherapy can help you with that. Our lovely miniature candle features a revitalizing herbal scent that combines bog myrtle and fresh Scottish mint leaves. It also features some subtle notes of camphor and juniper for extra freshness. The candle has a 20-hour burn time which is just enough time for you to enjoy the aroma and its effects and also enough time to see if the scent is truly right for you. Fill your house with this invigorating scent and enjoy it to the fullest!