Royal Tara

Tree of Life Loose Leaf Tea


■ Tree of Life: This metal tin features a recreation of the Celtic Tree of Life, which represents the significance of trees in everyday life as sources of shelter, warmth, and food.
■ Celtic Design: This tin is also decorated with Celtic knot patterns, which symbolized eternal bonds that Celts had with loved ones.
■ Tea Blend: This Irish breakfast tea is a delicious blend of high-grown teas originating from Assam and Darjeeling in India.
■ Quantity and Packaging: This item includes 40 grams of loose leaf tea packaged in a durable 3 ½” tall x 2 ½” wide metal tin for freshness.
■ Net Weight: 40 g Gross Weight: 95 g (loose leaf tea)


 For a rich taste of authentic Irish tea, treat yourself to this Tree of Life loose leaf tea! This Irish breakfast tea offers a delectable blend of high-grown teas that originate from the Assam and Darjeeling areas in India. The loose leaf tea weighs a total of 40 grams and is packaged in a quality metal tin measuring 3 ½” in height and 2 ½” in width.

This green and white tin is beautifully decorated with the Celtic tree of life, including green leaves, orange flowers, and an amber-colored tree trunk that branches into the ground with roots decked with ornate Celtic knot patterns. The Celtic Tree of Life honors the foundational presence of trees in life. In Celtic culture, trees were revered as sources of food, shelter, and warmth. Celtic knots were also special to Celts because their unending knots symbolized the never-ending love they shared for loved ones. Make this Irish breakfast tea set a gift for yourself or a souvenir for family and friends!