Royal Tara

Breakfast Tea- Scottish Weave Tin 50 Tea Bags


■ Blended Black Tea: This tea is hand-blended from teas that have come from Africa, Ceylon, and Assam, offering a strong, rich flavor.
■ Quantity and Packaging: This tea set includes 50 tea bags with a net weight 125 grams packaged in a quality metal tin for freshness.
■ Scottish Weave Design: The tin features lovely Scottish weave designs, such as intertwining Celtic knots and the Scottish Thistle, Scotland’s national flower.
■ Made by Royal Tara: This tea is made by Royal Tara, a reputable Irish brand in Galway, Ireland.

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Bring some authentic Scottish flavor to your tea parties with this Scottish breakfast tea!

This infusion is a delicious blended black tea by Royal Tara. The tea is hand-blended using teas from Africa, Ceylon, and Assam, delivering a rich, hearty flavor. This tea set includes 50 tea bags with a net weight of 125 grams packaged in a metal tin that features lovely Scottish weave designs.

Reminiscent of ancient art, these designs consist of interwoven green Celtic knots against a yellow backdrop highlighted with blue and red accents. On one side of the tin is a Scottish Thistle, the national flower of Scotland. Complemented with a red cap and elegant Celtic lettering, this tea Scottish tea bag set will make a great souvenir for any tea lover!