Royal Tara

Land of Shamrocks Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea


■  This box comes with 1.41 ounces of Irish breakfast tea – a mix of loose leaf black tea

■ Tea housed in a reusable tin box with an ergonomic design, to keep the tea fresh

■ Land of Shamrocks design – a pittoresque imagery evoking the Irish traditional life

■ A remarkable Irish gift, this mix of Irish breakfast teas will impress any tea lover


The rich and invigorating flavor of our Land of Shamrocks Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea will bring a taste of Ireland to any of your tea rituals. This Irish blend captures the essence of Ireland – you'll have 1.41 ounces of loose leaf black tea, renowned for its bold flavor and stimulating properties, is the perfect companion to start your day with a burst of energy or to unwind in the evening with friends. The tea is contained in a practical tin box adorned with a culturally inspired design. Depicting the picturesque 'Land of Shamrocks' in warm rustic colors, it features iconic Irish symbols such as sheep, cottage houses, and countless shamrocks, evoking the idea of an Irish simple life. The box's convenient lid ensures an ergonomic design, and that ultimately the tea will remain fresh, preserving its rich aroma and flavor for an extended period. Beyond its exceptional taste and quality, our loose leaf black tea box makes for a delightful Irish gift. Whether it's a gesture of appreciation for a loved one or a treat for oneself, this tea embodies the warmth and hospitality of Ireland. Share the gift of tradition and flavor with this unique blend, perfect for any tea enthusiast's collection.