Royal Tara

Green Shamrock Apron


■Crafted entirely from 100% cotton, our apron ensures both comfort and breathability, essential for your culinary adventures.

■ The apron features a vibrant and eye-catching shamrock design on the pocket, adding a touch of Irish charm to your kitchen attire.

■ Adorned with colorful Celtic knots, this apron infuses your cooking experience with a dash of traditional Irish symbolism. ■ With a functional front pocket and dimensions of approximately 31.5 inches in height and 23.6 inches in width, this apron provides ample coverage 

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Immerse yourself in the comfort of our delightful Green Shamrock Apron. This apron is a culinary companion crafted from 100% cotton with meticulous care and a touch of Irish flair. This apron envelops you in a soft and breathable feel, ensuring a pleasurable cooking experience every time. Adding a burst of color and Irish charm, the apron boasts a captivating shamrock design adorning its pocket. The shamrock, an iconic symbol of love, faith, hope and Irish heritage, transforms this kitchen essential into a delightful expression of tradition. This piece showcases the beauty of intricate and colorful Celtic knots, elevating your culinary attire with symbols that hold deep cultural significance in Irish history. They symbolize the interconnectedness of life and the eternal nature of existence, adding a layer of profound symbolism to the culinary experience. Measuring approximately 31.5 inches in height and 23.6 inches in width, this apron provides generous coverage to shield your clothes from stains, as you embark on culinary adventures. The apron features a strategically placed front pocket, offering a convenient space to store essential utensils or recipe cards, making it not just a stylish accessory but a practical tool for the modern chef. Embrace both style and functionality in the kitchen with this Irish apron, a vibrant and practical addition that seamlessly combines comfort, tradition, and a splash of Irish magic to enhance your cooking experience.