JC Walsh & Sons Ltd.

Irish Flavoured Tea Set Collection


■ Set of 3 carefully selected Irish teas including Irish Whiskey flavored tea, Irish Cream flavored tea, and Irish Wildberries flavored tea 
■ Each tea comes in its own canister that can be reused as tin or caddy for future tea storage, or kept as a souvenir 
■ The canister is made of metal, protecting the tea from all external factors that could degrade its quality 
■ The metallic canisters measure approximately 2.55’’ x 1.57’’ and are filled with 8 tea bags each 


This collection of Irish teas is a must-have for all tea lovers. Our three-piece set includes 8 bags of refreshing Wild Berry tea, reminiscent of the untamed Irish hedgerows, 8 bags of pure leaf tea with an Irish Whiskey flavoring, and 8 bags of smooth, natural leaf tea with Irish cream flavoring. Harmoniously combining the refined taste with color, these three Irish teas can both make great accompaniments to snacks or meals or be drunk simply - either way, the tea will delight your taste buds.
Each tea is supplied in premium quality metallic canisters that can be reused to store tea or for other purposes. Metal tea canisters are great options for storing infusions because it protects the tea from all the factors that could reduce its quality. Along with being highly useful, these retro-looking canisters are charming and perfectly capture the spirit of Ireland. There are helpful recipe directions and advice on how to serve tea on the back of each tin. The metallic canisters measure approximately 2.55’’ x 1.57’’. Simply clean the tins with a soft cloth and soap to reuse them.