Royal Tara

Set of 4 Different Coasters-Irish Weave


■ This Celtic set of 4 coasters features a practical blend of plastic construction with cork backing, offering a balance of sturdiness and protection for your surfaces 
■ The set includes coasters adorned with symbols like the Celtic cross, the Irish Claddagh, the shamrock, and the Irish harp, representing various aspects of Irish heritage and tradition. 
■ The coasters are elegantly bordered by intricate Celtic knot patterns, connecting them to the rich symbolism of Celtic artistry, which signifies unity and continuity. 
■ Each coaster measures 4.13 inches in both length and width, providing a compact and versatile size that accommodates most drinkware. 


Show off the beauty of your Irish culture in creative ways that will also add decorative charm to your home with this Irish Weave 4-Piece Coaster Set! Designed with cork backings, these coasters come in a square design with refined rounded corners and measure 10.5 centimeters on each side.

Each coaster features one of two designs that both show off vivid Celtic art motifs reminiscent of the phenomenal art work displayed in the Book of Kells, an ancient manuscript of the four Gospels of the New Testament of Christianity. Both coasters are framed by majestic double-layered borders, with the outer border showing off mesmerizing spiral patterns in rich hues of blue, yellow, and green. The inner border features entrancing Celtic Knots that gracefully intertwine and frame the centerpiece in a yellow, red, blue, and green scheme.

At the center of one coaster design is the classic Irish harp, which is a proud Irish symbol that appears on everything from coins to flags. The other coaster features another beloved symbol of Irish culture at the center: the Irish Claddagh ring. The Claddagh consists of two hands uniting in friendship to hold a heart of love that is crowned with loyalty.

Make this coaster set a festive addition to your home bar décor!