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Viking Pewter Glass Beer Tankard


■ This tankard is crafted from durable and non-porous glass which exudes an air of sophistication 
■ This unique tankard showcases a Viking Longship motif, complemented by a striking serpent handle
■ The viking ship details are made from pewter, which is incredibly durable and has a lustrous, elegant appearance
■ The tankard measures 2.36" W x 5.51" H, weighs approximately 2 lbs, and has a capacity of one pint


If you’re a fan of beautiful craftsmanship, our Irish tankard is perfect for you. The tankard is crafted from glass, which has a smooth texture and is also non-porous and durable. The tankard features a Viking longship design and a serpent detail on the handle. These details are meticulously crafted from pewter. This metal alloy is incredibly malleable, so it is perfect for creating intricate designs. Despite being soft and malleable, it is highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, which makes it quite durable. Besides, pewter has a stunning shine that gives it an exceptionally sophisticated appearance.

The design showcases a magnificent Viking ship, capturing the adventurous spirit of the Vikings. The handle is shaped like a serpent, which is an important creature in Viking stories. The handle is comfortable to hold and also adds a touch of magic to the tankard's appearance. With its generous capacity, our glass tankard allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks in style. Besides, the tankard is sturdy and durable, so you can use it for countless occasions while preserving its beauty.