Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

Irish Linen Colmcille Tablecloth

$279.00 - $375.00

■ Exceptionally high-quality table cloth, ideal to bring a note of sophistication to any celebration or just to make your regular dinner with the family more special
■ Woven from 100% damask linen, it's an exquisite product, part of Colmcille collection, in memory of St. Columba.
■ Charming Celtic design: this beautiful piece comes with a beautiful Celtic knotwork as a pattern. According to Irish folklore, each knot has a specific message, waiting to be decoded
■ Care Recommendations: please wash the tablecloth in cold water, preferably under 20 degrees, using mild detergent. Dry it flat.


Bring a dose of Celtic spirit into your home! This beautiful Irish Linen Colmcille Tablecloth is the perfect combination between functionality and style. Made of 100% linen, it guarantees to protect your dining table from potential stains or humidity. In order to keep it in its best condition, please only wash it in cold water, using mild detergent, and dry it flat, to avoid wrinkling.

Our design is truly exquisite, inspired by Celtic traditions and folklore. The Celtic knotwork pattern is truly stunning and carries cultural baggage. According to the Irish, each knot has its own message, waiting to be decoded. The elegant knotwork will surely add a note of sophistication to any celebration or just your regular dinners with the family.