Shamrock Teapot and Irish Blessing Mug Set


■ Irish mug and teapot set, crafted from new bone china, a heat and scratch resistant material that will surely last for years to come
■ The mug is adorned with a traditional Irish blessing that wishes you luck and safety, while the teapot showcases the shamrock and Celtic weaves 
■ The mug has a capacity of 14 oz, while the teapot measures 4.9” in width and 7.8” in height and can hold up to 22 oz, making it ideal for sharing tea with friends
■ Our Irish tea set is the perfect present for anyone who enjoys drinking tea and wishes to celebrate the heritage of Ireland 


Bring a spark of Irish culture in your home with the beloved Shamrock Teapot and Irish Blessing Mug Set.
Made with premium and high quality products, this set will make every tea cup feel special, as the mug depicts an Irish Blessing in the ancient style of Celtic manuscripts, which would have been painted by monks into vellum of calf skin, during the 9th century. The teapot was also inspired by Celtic roots, as the shamrock marks a symbol of luck and represents the Irish quintessential. The beautiful design is accompanied by vivid colors, with predominant green shades.