Irish Blessing Green Mug

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■ Made from 100% new bone china, this Irish mug blends durability with a timeless & elegant aesthetic, all while being resistant to scratches and chipping

■ This mug features an Irish Weave design, and a heartfelt Irish blessing that will bring depth and meaning to your home: 'May the road rise to meet you'

■ With a generous 14-ounce capacity and a sturdy handle ensuring easy maneuvering of hot beverages, this Irish mug is ideal for enjoying coffee and tea

■ Boasting a culturally-inspired design and excellent craftsmanship, this mug makes and remarkable gift choice for a loved one

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If you want to add meaning to your tea or coffee sessions, our captivating Irish Blessing Green Mug is the perfect choice. Crafted with care from 100% bone china, this premium material ensures exceptional durability, chip and scratch-resistance, guaranteeing that your mug will maintain its shine and elegance for years to come. The standout feature of this mug is its culturally-inspired Irish Weave design. The intricate Celtic knots and swirls that create mesmerizing patterns in traditional Irish colors are thought to represent interconnectedness and the eternity of life. The mug displays the heartfelt Irish blessing: "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back..." With a generous 14-ounce capacity and a sturdy handle designed for you to easily maneuver hot beverages, this mug is ideal for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Beyond its functionality, this mug is a masterpiece of Irish craftsmanship and a culturally-inspired design. Whether for yourself or a gift choice for a loved one, this mug is a meaningful reminder of Ireland's beauty and traditions.