Royal Tara

Welsh Daffodil Cup Set


■ An authentic set of one mug, one tea holder, and a Welsh Brew Tea
■ Tin contains 50 Tea Bags and is made of durable metal
■ The mug is made of 100% bone china, with a capacity of 325 ml/14 oz
■ Features a beautiful Welsh Daffodil design, along with other Celtic symbols
■ Crafted by Royal Tara, which is renowned for gorgeous Celtic illustrations


Whether it's a regular morning, a family dinner or a special occasion, this Welsh Daffodil Cup Set is going to add a little Celtic touch that will make things truly special. The Welsh daffodil also called the Welsh Leek or Peter's Leek is the beloved national flower of Wales. On this mug and this tea bag holder, the welsh daffodil is beautifully displayed amid vibrantly colored Celtic Knotwork. The set is made by Royal Tara, a manufacturer which is renowned for the quality bone china, as well as complex and authentic Celtic illustrations. This set would be amazing for a thematic dinner. It would allow you and your guests to enjoy a complete Welsh experience thanks to the aromatic tea and the beautifully designed mug and teabag holder. It is also a wonderful gift idea for someone who appreciates beauty and functionality!