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Irish Celtic High Cross Mug Set


■ The mugs come in a set of two, a practical and useful feature as you can share a warm beverage with your friend or family member
■ They are products of bone china, exquisite both in touch and look at giving them a unique and outstanding feel

■ Each mug can hold an incredible 325ml/11fl oz, sufficient enough for you to enjoy and satisfy your urge

■ The cups feature hand-painted designs and styles that are beautiful, unique, and touchy

■ The cups are a product of Royal Tara, one of Ireland's leading excellent bone china production companies


Our lives are filled and surrounded by art, which adds color and brightens everything in our surroundings. Almost every sphere of our lives has a touch of art, and it does not require an expert’s eye to notice the beauty and magic highlighted in natures and human-made artistic description. Art finds home in our houses, clearly exemplified in our utensils and china. Some of the most excellent beautiful china products that feature the most exquisite, unique, and magnificent works of art are our coffee or tea mugs. For those that appreciate, value, and understand the beauty of art, then our lovely Irish Celtic High Cross Mug set is the ultimate choice.

The beautiful Celtic High Cross Mug allows you to embrace the rich and vast Celtic heritage, inclusive of the culture, traditions, and religion.
The use of the Celtic High Cross is of a lot of significance, especially to those who prophase the Christian faith. The Celtic high cross serves as a symbol that is a constant reminder of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection. The majestic symbol is renown all over the world, featuring in houses, miniaturized as part of jewelry and placed in places of Christian worship. The Celtic high cross has also cleverly and marvelously featured in pieces of art, and a casing point is our lovely Irish Celtic High Cross Mug Set.

Consider adding the gorgeous mug set to your table and kitchenware, to liven up your collection and impress on your guests. This lovely mug set can also perfectly serve as a beautiful inclusion in your gift box to give to your friends or family for any occasion. The elaborate, unique, and distinctive design featured on each mug in the set stands out and is easily recognizable even from a distance. The models are carefully and skillfully hand-painted in the surface of each piece, giving it an exquisite and genuine look. The mug features a beautiful rendering of a Celtic High Cross, complete with a halo that signifies wholeness. It also features the Celtic Knot which accents on the tips of the four limbs of the cross.

Surrounding the High Cross is a tapestry of Celtic Knot braid patterns that give each mug a regal flair. The hand-painted bone china mug set is a product of the prestigious and magnificent Royal Tara, an Irish excellent bone china production company. In existence for over 50 years, Royal Tara is arguably a leading firm that produces the most exquisite, lovely, and outstanding exceptional china items. Royal Tara brings together the most skilled, experienced, and talented designers whose primary focus is the creation standout, unique, and excellent products.

The Irish Celtic High Cross Mug Set is a testimony of the dedication, attention and hard work put in by the team from Royal Tara.