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Shamrock Mug - Irish Weave


■ Bone China: This mug is crafted from bone china, making it a top-quality, durable piece that can last for years.
■ Irish weave design: Making this mug a standout are marvelous Irish weave designs, which include classic Irish symbols like the shamrock and Trinity Knot accented with elegant patterns in yellow, blue, red, and green.
■ Wide handle: This mug comes with a wide handle for easy gripping, holding, and carrying.
■ Dishwasher-safe: Dishwasher-safe, this mug is quick and easy to clean.
■ Capacity: The mug holds 380ml/13 fl oz

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Take a tea break any time of the day in Irish style with this Irish weave shamrock mug!

Made of bone china, this durable mug features a subtle tulip-shaped silhouette that shines from top to bottom with ornate Irish weave designs. Front and center on the mug is a green shamrock flower, the national flower of Ireland and symbol of good fortune. Inside of the shamrock is a blue and red Trinity Knot, another treasured Irish symbol that symbolizes the significance of the number three in nature.

The radiant gold borders of the Trinity Knot intertwine with those of the shamrock, which tapers off with a blue and gold Celtic knot stem. Complementing the lovely centerpiece design of the mug are surrounding interwoven blue and green vines accented with shades of yellow and red.

Finished off with the words “the irish shamrock” at the top in Celtic lettering and a green and yellow swirl pattern adorning the bottom, inner brim, and wide handle, this dishwasher-safe mug is a quality piece that makes a fabulous Irish souvenir for anyone!