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Scottish Thistle Tea Set


■ Our set includes a chip-resistant Bone China mug, a metal tin with 50 tea bags of Scottish Breakfast tea, and a tea towel made of 100% cotton
■ The design of all items in this set showcase the iconic Scottish Thistle, a symbol of strength and resiliency, surrounded by detailed Celtic knotwork
■ The tea towel measures approximately 30” in length and 20” in width, while the mug offers a generous capacity of 13 fluid ounces
■ Given the colorful and meaningful design, and the richness of this Scottish Breakfast tea, our set makes a thoughtful gift for any tea enthusiast

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Our Scottish Thistle Tea Set is a delightful collection that celebrates both Scottish heritage and the passion for good tea. The set comprises a mug, a metal tin packed with 50 tea bags of authentic Scottish Breakfast tea, and a lovely tea towel, all showcasing a colorful Scottish Thistle design. The mug is crafted from bone china, a chip-resistant material that ensures longevity, while the tea towel is made of 100% cotton, providing high absorbency in case of spills.

The charm of this set lies in both its quality and its design. Featuring the iconic Scottish Thistle, the national flower of Scotland, the design is a symbol of strength and resiliency. The thistle is beautifully encircled by intricate Celtic knotwork on each item, representing the interconnectedness of all living beings. In terms of size, the tea towel measures around 30” in length and 20” in width, providing practicality and protection for any surface. The mug is perfectly sized to hold up to 13 fluid ounces of your favorite brews and beverages.

Given the meaningful, vibrant design and the richness of Scottish Breakfast tea, our set stands as a heartfelt gift for any tea lover. It captures the beauty of Scotland's culture and heritage while offering a truly enjoyable teatime experience.