Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter St. Patrick Celtic Wall Cross

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■ Pewter - This cross is made from lead-free pewter. Pewter is a versatile tin alloy that is long-lasting, boasts a lovely shine, and does not tarnish like other metals.
■ Celtic Cross - This piece comes in the shape of an iconic Celtic Cross. Displayed on the four limbs of the Celtic Cross are artistic depictions of the life of Saint Patrick, an Irish saint who is known for bringing Christianity to parts of Ireland.
■ Dimensions - This Celtic Cross measures 5 ¼ inches in width and 8 inches in height, a great size for display in a home.
■ Mullingar Pewter - This beautiful Celtic Cross is made in Ireland by the skilled craftspeople of Mullingar Pewter, an established Irish brand that has been making classic pewter pieces since 1974.

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Share your faith in elegant style and grace in your home with this Mullingar Pewter St. Patrick Celtic Wall Cross. Crafted from lead-free pewter, this cross glows with a brilliant shine that will not tarnish over time. The cross is designed in the shape of a traditional Celtic cross, with four broad rectangular limbs and a circular center resembling a halo. This halo, or eternal circle, symbolizes unity. The halo center in this cross is bordered by a ring of Celtic knots, and at the center are more Celtic knots along with two shamrock flowers.

Celtic knots represent unending love, while the shamrock is the national Irish flower and symbol of good fortune. Vividly decorating the four limbs with dimension and texture are illustrations depicting the life of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to parts of Ireland. Measuring 5 1/4" wide and 8" tall, this decorative cross comes ready to hang and makes a fabulous housewarming gift!