Glen Appin of Scotland Limited

Lion Rampant Scottish Pottery Shot Cup


■ Masterfully crafted out of strong and highly durable stoneware 
■ Gracefully decorated with a Scottish Rampant Lion symbol 
■ Measures 2.2 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height 
■ The cup has a classic shot drinking capacity of 1.5 fl oz 
■ Avoid abrupt temperature changes to prevent cracking 


If you’re a shot lover, here’s the perfect cup for you! It is made of durable, chip-resistant stoneware that has a lovely glossy finish. What’s also great about it is the gorgeous Rampant Lion design, an emblem of Scotland that symbolizes courage, strength, and nobility - values that have defined Scottish people throughout history. The cup also has the perfect shot drinking capacity, which makes it great for a party at your house or a game night. It would also make a wonderful gift for shot lovers who are also proud of their Scottish heritage! Thanks to the amazing design and functionality, this shot cup is both stylish and practical and would make an incredible addition to anyone’s drinkware.