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Celtic Knot Stoneware Mug

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■ This beautiful mug is made from Stoneware, a natural, sturdy, and durable type of ceramic that retains heat perfectly well and guarantees long-lasting use. 
■ The mug is a culturally-inspired piece that features a circular pattern of intricate Celtic Knotworks symbolizing interconnectedness and eternal life. 
■ Our Celtic Circle mug is a practical kitchenware piece with a sturdy handle and wide brim, perfect to hold your favorite hot beverage. 
■ This beautiful mug has a capacity of 16.9 fl oz, letting you enjoy a large cup of tea or coffee and start your morning routine with full energy. 


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Bring a pop of Celtic tradition to your home with this culturally-inspired mug. Our product is made of Stoneware, a natural material that is considered one of the most durable types of ceramic. Stoneware is sturdy, durable, and chip-resistant, which means that you can use the mug for years to come. It also has great heat retention properties, meaning that it can preserve the temperature of your favorite beverage for hours. An embodiment of practicality, our mug has a sturdy handle and a wide brim.

It can hold a capacity of 16.9 fl oz, being the perfect kitchenware to start your morning by enjoying a nice cup of your favorite tea or coffee. The mug features a circular pattern of intricate Celtic knots which symbolize the interconnectivity of all things and the eternity of life. The origins of the Celtic Knot can be traced back to the art of the ancient Celts, being reminiscent of medieval manuscripts. T

his beautiful cup would make an amazing gift for someone who appreciates style, functionality, and authenticity: all in one piece! Our mug is a one-of-a-kind item that will definitely bring Celtic tradition to your home.