Royal Tara

Bronze Plated Celtic Love Cross


■ This heartwarming symbol of love and Irish history is the perfect piece to finish any room you place it in.
■ Each cross measures 21.5 cm long x 13.5 cm wide, and is constructed in a thick, durable bronze-plating that will capture the attention of anyone who sees it!

■ Make this bronze-plate cross a special gift to a friend or loved one who longs for or loves the Emerald Isle and the rich cultural heritage it holds.

■ Each cross is packaged and shipped in a finely-made box and will instantly become a cherished keepsake the moment your friend or loved one opens it.

■ Pay homage to the ancient Celts and the church with your own special piece from Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s greatest producers of fine china and giftware.


Send a heartwarming message of love to everyone who visits your home or the home of a special friend with this amazing Bronze Plated Celtic Love Cross. This gorgeous piece offered exclusively from Royal Tara features one of the most enduring and famous Irish symbols of love and unity: the Celtic Love Cross. Dating back to the 9th century A.D., the love cross represents eternal love for the Celts and the early church with its central motif of interlacing hearts. This love cross also features a creative, modern touch with Trinity Knot accents on the tops of each of the four cross limbs. Place your order today for that special someone in your life, or if you are looking to honor your Celtic roots within your own home.

You will not regret owning this unique piece of Irish culture forged in the workshops of Royal Tara’s Galway workshop. Like many other Celtic symbols, St. Patrick is credited for using the first Celtic cross. Legend says when he began his work to convert the native Irish to Christianity, it became common to combine Celtic and Christian religious symbols. Thus, the Celtic Love Cross was born. Our cross features numerous nods to the Celtic Knot emblazoned onto the tradition image of the Christian cross.

This unique combination incorporates the teachings of Christianity with the traditional Celtic symbolism of the knot, which was often used to represent earth, wind, fire, the three cycles of life, and other important things that appeared in threes. Since that time, the Celtic cross has become a prolific symbol of the church’s work in Ireland over the past few centuries, as seen in numerous biblical scenes, cemetery headstones, pendants, and much more.

Our Bronze Plated Celtic Love Cross features a traditional Celtic trinity knot at the end of each limb of the cross, and a cluster of wide knots in the cross’s center, giving it a unique, striking appearance. Those looking to honor their Celtic religious or cultural roots, or those looking for a gift for someone who wishes the same, should look no further. Our bronze-plated love cross has become immensely popular since we began offering it, and it is easy to see why. Its unparalleled quality and design, coupled with the commanding, yet subtle presence it will have after it is hung has turned it into a special keepsake for many of our customers.

Since opening their doors more than 50 years ago, Royal Tara has become synonymous with fine bone china and unique giftware in Ireland. Every product offered by Royal Tara lives up their intense standard of excellence, and all are designed around a powerful emphasis on originality, functionality, and Celtic themes. Our Bronze Plated Celtic Love Cross is no exception, and we are thrilled to offer this breathtaking cross for only $35.99.

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