Robert Emmet Company

Horseshoe Wall Hanging With Claddagh


■ This Irish wall hang is crafted from durable rust-resistant brass, ensuring a lasting and elegant addition to your decor. 
■ Adorned with a captivating Claddagh design, symbolizing "friendship, loyalty, love" as engraved on this horseshoe shaped wall hang which embodies meaningful sentiments 
■ This wall hang is measured at 4.3 inches and features a keyhole hanger on the back, allowing for easy and secure wall mounting. 
■ Presented in a gift box, this horseshoe wall hang is packaged elegantly, making it a wonderful option for special occasions or a heartfelt gift. 


Bring luck to your home with this Claddagh Horseshoe Wall Hanging from the Robert Emmet Company. The hanging of a horseshoe as a lucky talisman to ward off evil has its origins in Irish folklore and the story of St. Dunstan. Legend has it that the Devil came to visit Dunstan, who was a blacksmith, and asked him to shoe his horse. Instead, Dunstan nailed a red hot shoe to the Devil’s own foot, only agreeing to remove it if the Devil promised to never enter a place with a horseshoe nailed to the wall.

Iron, the traditional material of the first horseshoes, was additionally thought to be a magical material because it could withstand fire. This Robert Emmet Company horseshoe is made from solid brass and also features a traditional Claddagh design at the top with “Friendship, Loyalty, and Love” inscribed below. It is meant to be hung with the opening facing down, so that luck pours out over all those who enter the home.

The Robert Emmet Company specializes in bringing American craftsmanship to Irish design. Founded in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1987 by Robert Emmet Reilly, The Robert Emmet Company remains family owned and operated and is committed to spreading the passion and quality of Celtic artwork. The company works with local merchants, jewelry makers, and metalworkers to create some of the finest quality Irish home décor and accents to the American market.

Polished solid brass. Keyhole mounting hole on reverse. Gift boxed.