Celtic Card Company

Irish Anniversarry Blessing Wall Art


■ Gorgeous Celtic art print displaying a text about the importance of companionship

■ The print features calligraphy by Kevin Dillon and is authenticated with the artist’s seal

■ Comes in a gilded vine frame with an easel back and hanger for easy hanging

■ This beautiful artwork measures 9" x 11" together with the frame 


Add a touch of Irish charm to any wall in your house with this stunning Celtic art print. It features calligraphy by artist Kevin Dillon that is inspired by illuminated medieval manuscripts, which were made by monks who were transcribing the gospels on sheep or goat skin. This style is vibrant and authentic, making the artwork great for displaying in your home and truly beautiful to look at. The print displays an anniversary blessing about the importance of companionship: “It doesn't matter where you go in life...what you do...or how much you's who you have beside you”. These beautiful words remind us that there is nothing more valuable than having loved ones by our side as we navigate through the journey of life with all its difficulties. The art piece comes in a gilded vine frame, and you can add it to your home decor or buy it as a beautiful gift for an anniversary, wedding, or housewarming!