Royal Tara

Slainte Irish Plaque

Was: $21.50
Now: $15.80

■ The beautiful Slainte Irish Plaque is bronze plated, giving it stability, strength, and durability
■ The lovely masterpiece is a product of one of Ireland's renown, remarkable and experienced Royal Tara

■ The attractive piece is the ultimate wall plaque, blending perfectly with any setting to liven up your home

■ The design and style of the plate has features that celebrate and pays attributes to the Irish culture and tradition

■ The marvelous Slainte Irish Plaque comes in dimensions of 14.5cm in height and 16cm in width


Plaques, also known as plates, have been part and parcel of interior decorations for generations now. The beautiful artistic impressions continue to dot the sphere of home decorations, albeit changes and additions in terms of style and design and also the material used. Globally, there are household names renown for the production of exquisite, unique, and genuine ornamental and exceptional china products. One of the names that have set and maintained standards in the industry is Royal Tara. Artisans from Royal Tara have clear set the bar higher by their production and release of our famous Slainte Irish Plaque. Help your guests in your home a good time with drinks with an Irish touch with our beautiful Slainte Irish Plaque.

The plate is the perfect decorative touch for a home bar that will give guests an inviting, Irish welcome. The lovely piece can also serve as a beautiful gift to your friends and loved ones, who are bound to be impressed and touched with its uniqueness and stylish design. The piece serves as the perfect addition to your collection of exquisite and genuine artifacts with its outstanding features. If you are looking for a product that embodies unique artistic features with a fusion of cultural and traditional attributes, then the Slainte Irish Plaque is your ultimate artifact.

The piece is not your typical everyday plaque, but a masterpiece that deserves recognition and appreciation! The plaque stands out on its own with gorgeous bronze plating that gives it the perfect mix of regalness and sophistication. Across the center of the lovely piece in authentic Celtic Script is “Slainte” which is Irish for "to your health," a common saying in Ireland during a toast. Uniquely bordering the Irish greeting on the top and bottom are lovely decorative bands featuring traditional Celtic Knots and birds. The inclusion of the Celtic knots in the product gives it a deep link to the cherished Irish tradition, culture, and millennia-old history.

The Celtic Knots symbolized the eternal love in ancient Celtic culture, while the birds in early Celtic art symbolized the link between this world and the next. The use of the symbols in the plaque is of considerable significance, especially to those of Irish or Celtic origins. The lovely and gorgeous Slainte Irish Plaque is a product of Royal Tara. The company, located in Galway, Ireland, has been a top producer of unique and magnificent fine bone china for tables and giftware. The range of products produced from Royal Tara is easily identifiable, especially from their standout features that are both unique and genuine.

The firm, already in existence for over 50 years, prides itself in the production of cups, Irish plaques, wall hangings, and decorative ornaments. Royal Tara embraces the use of beautiful Celtic designs, case in point the notable Trinity and Celtic Knots used in the lovely Slainte Irish Plaque. The company brings together a team of qualified, skilled, and experienced artisans to design, style, and produce their products.