Royal Tara

Shamrock Failte Stained Glass


■ The stained-glass material used in the production of the panel is unique, strong and durable
■ The lovely panel is hand-painted by the most skilled, experienced and dedicated artisans in the ornamental industry

■ The designers have creatively included a hook for hanging in the product, convenient to hang on a wall

■ The beautiful and outstanding panel is a product of Royal Tara, of the most reliable, remarkable and prestigious companies in Ireland

■ The Ornate Failte Stained Glass panel has a arch diameter of 16 cm


Art finds itself in all spheres of our lives, brightening up spaces that would otherwise have been dull and unimpressive. Home decoration largely relies on beautiful, unique, and outstanding artifacts to create incredible results and make our homes to be lively and welcoming. In Ireland, plaques, plates, planes, and other beautiful china artifacts represent a large portion of interior home décor, used by many people. The lovely pieces of art dot almost all household, and the more, magnificent, outstanding, and unique each item is, the more impressed guest will be when they come visiting. If you are looking for a piece of art that is more Irish, festive and inviting, then check out our beautiful Ornate Failte Stained Glass.

The lovely glass panel embraces many values and aspects of the Irish culture and traditions, explicitly laid out in its unique design. You will not go wrong by adding this outstanding masterpiece to your collection of exquisite ornaments. The fantastic piece of art can perfectly serve as a beautiful gift to friends or family, especially if you have been looking for the ultimate housewarming gift. The panel is impressive and stands out from a crowd. The Ornate Failte Stained Glass panel designers went out of their way in the production of the lovely piece of art.

The detail in this excellent piece of work is carefully thought of and laid out, with the artisan’s masterstroke in its finishing and style. The hand-painted, stained glass panel wonderfully spreads the Irish spirit with its cheerful green color scheme that includes three lucky shamrock flowers at the top. The shamrock is one of the most recognizable and adored symbols in Ireland and has both religious and cultural connotations. The unique symbol is quite popular, included in the vast Irish heritage. Using the famous symbols not only pays homage to the Irish traditions and culture but also endears the product to many Irish people around the world. Below the shamrocks in a polished Celtic script is the word “Failte,” which is Irish for "Welcome." The wording and lettering on the panel are elaborate and easy to read from an angel. The gorgeous semi-circular panel looks lovely when it reflects light through its vibrant colors.

Royal Tara, one of Ireland's pioneer, magnificent and prestigious fine china and the ornamental company, prides itself with the manufacture of the beautiful Ornate Failte Stained Glass panel. The team at Royal Tara is composed of the very best in the industry, skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated, and experienced artisans. Royal Tara has been in operation for over 50 years now, creating a massive following of loyal customers drawn to their authentic, genuine, exquisite, and outstanding products. Currently, the Ireland based company has a customer base that is spread all over the world. Royal Tara embraces the use of the unique and beautiful Celtic Knots patterns which are part of the vast Irish heritage.