Royal Tara

Stained Glass Hanging High Cross

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■ Our Stained Glass Hanging High Crosses are painted from Galway-based fine china and giftware manufacturer Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s most famous giftware companies
■ Each of our Stained Glass Hanging High Crosses include a hanging chain, making it easy to place anywhere in your home or office out of the box

■ These crosses are used to mark places or events of great significance, so they make wonderful gifts for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or other special events

■ Each cross is 20 centimeters tall and 9.5 centimeters wide and ships in a beautiful gift box, making them very easy to give as gifts

■ Enjoy free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, ensuring you’ll receive your Stained Glass Hanging High Cross in time to give as a special gift


Lovers of majestic Celtic symbolism and church history will adore our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross from The Royal Tara Company. The incredible bursts of color radiating from these hand painted stained glass panels depict the iconic Celtic High Cross in all its radiant glory, adding a unique and very special Irish touch to any home or office. Adding more Celtic and Irish touches are the accompanying Trinity Knots and a graceful Celtic spiral that embellish this already incredible piece. All this set against the vivid green backdrop of twin shamrock flowers make our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross an unforgettably incredible gift for a special friend or loved on (or perhaps yourself!).

This lovely decorative panel measures 20 centimeters tall and stands at 9.5 centimeters wide. It ships with a hanging hook and it is ready for display from the moment its lifted out of its special gift box. Our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross will offer any room or space they hang in a special blessing and add a wonderfully charming presence that is one part welcoming and second part unique, as each piece is hand-painted, making it a one of a kind treasure that will belong only to you. Teeming with iconic symbols of Ireland’s rich history and culture, our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross represents a unique combination of many images that are found throughout Ireland on old monastic sites, castles, cemeteries, monuments, and more.

Stretching far back into ancient times, ancient Celts used the iconic trinity knot as a way to represent the interconnectedness of all life to the heavens and eternity. It is commonly believed that after St. Patrick arrived on the Emerald Isle in 432 AD, many traditional celtic symbols such as the trinity knot became symbols to help the Celts understand the significance of the holy trinity: the father, son, and holy spirit. Likewise, the instantly-recognizable green shamrock are believed to have been popularized by St. Patrick as another metaphor to teach about the meaning of the holy trinity, and carvings and illustrations show St. Patrick holding the shamrock as he addresses crowds. The Celtic cross is what stands out the most on this special piece though, and it is just as prolific a symbol as the trinity knot and shamrock throughout Ireland. The Celtic cross’s focal point, the swirling vibrant circle in its center, surrounded by a radiant halo touching each of the crosses four points, serves as another important symbol of unity and interconnectedness.

These are used extensively throughout Ireland’s history and especially during the early medieval period. Celtic high crosses marked areas of a sanctuary, church, or other important gathering places such as markets. Commemorate an important event, honor a loved one, or mark a special place in your home with our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross and show visitors just how proud you are of your Irish roots (or general enthusiasm for Celtic culture!). We are very excited to offer free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States when you purchase our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross, ensuring you get it just in time to give as a special gift or get it in time for an important gathering at your home. We are more than confident you’ll love this piece from the first moment you set eyes on it, and because it comes straight from the master craftsmen at Royal Tara, the quality and unique qualities of each individual Stained Glass Hanging High Cross ensures it will be a special item you and your family will treasure for many years to come.