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June Birthstone Pendant

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  • A favorite gift for those born in June, featuring the month’s birthstone alexandrite nestled within the traditional Irish Claddagh design.
  • Made exclusively in Ireland by Dublin’s own ShanOre jewelers, one of the country’s most popular and beloved fine jewelers.
  • Each birthstone pendant is shipped in a special gift box, making it even easier to impress a loved one or friend with this special piece.
  • This timeless Claddagh design by ShanOre is as iconic and historical to Ireland as it is beautifully symbolic. Don’t miss a chance to own this special piece.
  • The Claddagh is one of Ireland’s most enduring symbols of friendship, and alexandrite symbolizes emotional well-being. This is a special combination perfect for that special someone in your life.


Manufacturer: Solvar Jewelry

Searching for a thoughtful gift for somebody who was born in June? Looking for a fun, unforgettable way to express your appreciation for that person? Then look no further! Our extremely popular June Birthstone Pendant is the perfect gift for that special someone born in the beautiful early summer of June. The gleaming silver pendant includes a stunning, purple-hued alexandrite birthstone (symbolizing emotional well-being and good fortune), perfectly situated in the middle of Ireland’s traditional Claddagh hand design. Although those born in June are lucky enough to have three birthstones (the other two being the pearl and moonstone), alexandrite is without question the most striking of the three. The glistening, chameleon-like behavior of the gem has captivated love-smitten couples for nearly two-hundred years after it was first discovered in the 1830s in Russia’s Ural Mountains. An emerald by day, and a ruby by night, is a common description of this rare stone that has the ability to change color from purplish red to bluish green depending on the amount of light it is exposed to. Due to its incredible scarcity, alexandrite stones are highly prized and sought after, and they are generally more valuable than other precious gems such as rubies or diamonds. In fact, for many years after the stone’s discovery, fine-quality alexandrite was (and in many cases still is) generally unaffordable to the public. It is for this reason that we are incredibly excited to partner with ShanOre to bring you this rare, limited pendant featuring one of the earth’s most elusive and captivating jewels. The traditional Claddagh ring has long been a symbol of fidelity, love, and burning romance within the Irish culture since the 1700s. From its humble beginnings in the tiny fishing village of Claddagh in County Galway, the crowned heart held by two loving hands has become an important design to couples around the world. The design is worn by both men and women and is crafted into rings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, and other pieces. The two hands of the Claddagh design represent friendship, and the heart is a symbol of love at the center of the relationship. The crown adorning the top of the heart represents undying loyalty and fidelity. With so many beautiful symbols of love neatly packaged into such a breathtaking design, it is easy to see why the Claddagh is so popular. Our Celtic June Birthstone Pendant is no exception, and we are honored to carry another ShanOre piece that carries on the heritage of the Claddagh and the ancient village nestled along the Atlantic coast. Although little remains of the tiny cottages and huts that made up the village of Claddagh, this iconic symbol of love lives on and we are excited for you to take home your very own piece of important Irish history. For more than 35 years, ShanOre has established itself as one of Ireland’s most prominent jewelers and has received numerous awards and recognitions for their success beyond the Emerald Isle. They are also a leading exporter of exquisite jewelry to the United States and Canada and lead the industry in quality, design, warranty, and availability for those who long for their own special piece of Ireland. 

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