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Full Leprechaun Print Babies Vest


■ Colorful Irish Leprechaun design that is unmistakably Irish
■ Comes in sizes 0-6 Months, 6-12 Months, and 1-2 Years.
■ Three-snap closures, ensures easy changing
■ Made from 100% soft cotton



Celebrate your baby’s first or second St. Patrick’s Day right with this full leprechaun print babies’ vest. This vest isn't only great for a holiday like that one, but it's perfect for Irish-themed photoshoots and days where you want to highlight your baby’s Irish heritage in a fun and cute way.
Each print comes with green, white, orange, and black colors blended into a design that gives your baby the illusion that it’s wearing a little vest with stripes, pockets, and a bowtie. It’s a cute way to let your baby represent Ireland while throwing in a bit of humor as well.
Made from 100% soft cotton, these prints are onesies that are versatile outfits for babies that cover their torsos while keeping their arms and legs free. These are great for changing diapers as the access to the diaper is quick and easy with a three-button snap closure on the bottom.
Whether your baby has just arrived or it's just hitting its second birthday, our leprechaun prints onesies come in three sizes: 0-6 Months, 6-12 Months, and 1-2 Years.
This outfit can make for a great addition to your baby’s closet, or it can make for a great gift for any occasion.