Traditional Craft

Baby Irish Green T-Shirt


■ Baby’s T-shirt constructed of Cotton for durable and breathable wear

■ This piece has a ‘The Boss’ and ‘Irish’ inscription on its front

■ Featuring a dainty smiling shamrock that adds a pop of liveliness

■ This cotton T-shirt is machine washable at low temperatures in a delicate cycle 



Celebrate your roots with pride with our charming Irish T-shirt! Crafted with high-quality cotton, this baby’s T-shirt has got it all: it is durable, tear resistant, breathable, and soft - the perfect combination for your little one to enjoy long-lasting comfort. It beautifully combines practicality with style and culture as it showcases one of the most admired Irish symbols, the shamrock. The shamrock has been regarded as Ireland's unofficial national flower for centuries. Legends say that St. Patrick used the three foils of the shamrock as a teaching tool to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans. The shamrock is often referred to as a symbol of faith and hope. For the best results, wash this cotton T-shirt in cold water. Avoid washing in hot water as it might cause damage to the fiber.