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Ladies Celtic Gilet in Merino Wool

Out of stock
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  • 100% soft Merino wool, one of the highest quality textiles you can find, will keep you cozy and warm while avoiding the traditional itch of other wool varieties.
  • Made in Ireland by Carraig Donn, a respected Irish retailer that specializes in fashion, so you know you’re getting the utmost in skilled Irish craftsmanship every time you wear your gilet.
  • Distinctive Aran stitching in cable, trellis, and basket patterns not only evoke the long tradition of the Aran Islands, but also provide a distinctive and unique piece that you will love to have in your wardrobe.
  • The sleeveless design with its open front makes this gilet perfect for layering in a variety of situations. Dress it up or down, you will look stunning no matter what!
  • Front patch pockets are the perfect detail to stash your items—your phone, a lip balm, or a spare handkerchief—while still looking amazing. If you don’t need to carry anything extra, you have a beautiful way to keep your hands warm in the chill!


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

If you’re looking for the perfect layering piece to pull together an outfit, then our Ladies Celtic Gilet from Carraig Donn is exactly the piece you need. Made in Ireland from the softest Merino wool, our gilet is as warm as it is flattering, and you will love how soft and cozy it is to the touch. Everything about our beautiful gilet is sure to bring you comfort and delight, and since it comes from Carraig Donn, you know you’re getting the highest quality in skilled Irish craftsmanship when you wear your new favorite sweater. Distinctive Aran stitching provides depth, texture, and movement through the fabric, creating an eye-catching pattern that is sure to win you plenty of compliments. The open front and sleeveless design are perfect for layering, too. Pair it with your favorite turtleneck, t-shirt, or dress for a unique look that’s all your own. No need to worry about bulky sleeves that bunch up with layers or being able to button or zip up over a wintry bulk. The streamlined design of this gilet is meant to keep you warm and stylish all at the same time. The shirt tail styled hem gives the whole piece a finished feel that keeps things sophisticated and tapered, and easy access front patch pockets are not only fashionable but practical! The front pockets are useful for carrying your phone, lip balm, or keys, and even for keeping your hands warm in the chill of cool weather. Available in a sweet soft grey color, this neutral is sure to go with just about anything in your closet. You can pair this sleeveless jacket with long or short sleeves for the ultimate comfort. Wear it with jeans or leggings for a casual look, or use it as a cardigan around the office for a unique, polished look. You will love our gilet every time you wear it, and your friends are sure to ask you where you found it. 100% Merino Wool Why is Merino wool special? Merino wool fibers are naturally long, making for strong fibers and super soft yarn. Not only is it super soft, but it does not give you the itchiness that many people associate with wool. Because Merino wool has longer and finer fibers, it is more flexible than other types of wool, and moves easily with you rather than poking the skin uncomfortably (which results in the itchy sensation). This softer quality wool makes it a comfortable choice in all kinds of settings, and the perfect choice of material for this ultimate cozy sweater. Aran Stitching Aran stitching is a unique style of knitting characteristic to the Aran Islands, found at the mouth of Galway Bay. While these knitting patterns are reflections of a life on the sea, each particular stitch tells its own story to create a cohesive whole. Our gilet features cable, trellis, and basket stitches, each with their own specific meaning. Cable designs represent fishermen’s ropes, with hopes for safe voyages and good days at sea. Trellis stitching recalls the stonewalled fields of the Northwestern farming communities, where rock outcrops naturally or large stones exist naturally in the soil. The symbolism of the stonewalls is a wish for protection and safety. Basket stitching represents the fisherman’s basket and the wish for a big catch. Whether you’re out on the town, running errands, or at work, wear this gilet for good luck! 

Product Features We Adore

Front Pockets

Front patch pockets. not only fashionable but practicable!

Aran Stiching

Stunning Basket, Cable, and Trellis Stitching throughout this garment!

Shirt Tail Hem

Shirt tail styled hem that creates a sophisticated, tapered look!

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