Classic Cable Wool Wrap


■ Our ladies Classic Cable Wool Wrap is made from wonderfully warm 100% Merino and works as a shawl, wrap, or scarf.
■ The wrap features three classic Irish knitting patterns: the cable stitch, the diamond stitch, and the honeycomb stitch.
■ The wrap is made by Saol, a contemporary Irish knits company that takes classic sweater designs and makes them stylish and modern.
■ This lovely wrap comes in one size, making it an easy gift to give a perfect outer layer for any winter outfit.


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Our Classic Cable Wool Wrap is an ideal way to keep warm this winter while honoring Irish heritage and design! Made in Ireland by Saol, a leading knitwear producer, our wrap features classic Aran sweater patterns with a modern and stylish silhouette.

Aran sweaters are not only an iconic fashion item, but an important part of Irish culture. People on Ireland’s Aran Islands began knitting the sweaters in the 1890s to keep their fishermen warm and dry while out at sea. The intricate knit designs served a dual purpose: the extra stitching added weight and coziness to the sweater, and the different stitches had different meanings. The three classic stitches that decorate this lovely wrap are no exception. The classic cable represents the fishermen’s ropes, the diamond knit is supposed to bring wealth to the wearer, and the honeycomb represents the industrious honeybees.

To keep your cabled wrap looking new for seasons to come, hand wash in lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent and dry flat.