Aran Woollen Mills

Merino Wool Ladies Irish Pull Through Cable Knit Shawl


■ The wrap can be comfortably worn around the head and neck or around shoulders to keep you warm and stylish
■ 100% supersoft merino wool for the ultimate warmth, comfort, and style, giving you the very best of the shawl.

■ The inclusion of the traditional Aran stitching gives the shawl a unique and original touch with a deep Irish connection of Aran patterns

■ The pull-through knot feature is a standout style that combines comfort and class altogether, keeping you warm throughout

■ Carraig Donn product, which guarantees you the authenticity of the shawl as it comes from a household name in the garment industry. 



Our gorgeous Merino Wool Ladies Irish Pull Through Cable Knit Shawl embraces the traditional Aran stitching in its design and beautiful style. The inclusion of the Aran patterns brings out the unique Irish traditions that have passed down generations for over a century now. Aran patterns were initially used to stitch garments for fishermen to keep them warm at sea during their fishing expeditions. The designs have undergone remarkable revolutions over time, and currently, the Aran stitching inclusion in clothes gives them a unique, fresh, and original look.

Our beautiful shawl showcases the Aran cable stitching that exudes natural elegance. The patterns replicate the cable ropes of the fishermen of the Aran Islands, the very origin of the Aran stitching patterns. The Aran designs represent hopes for the fishermen's safe and prolific voyages. There are many ways for ladies to accessories and will not miss anything in their wardrobe to add on their garments, either for more comfort or to rock that stylish look. Winter is also an opportunity for ladies to bring out their warm and beautiful accessories to add on to those heavy clothing to get rid of the cold spell. One perfect accessory that a lady should not miss in their clothing is a shawl or scarf.

For a feminine fashion piece that is both stylish and versatile, make our Pull Through Super Soft Merino Wool Cable Knit Shawl a staple in your everyday wardrobe. Carefully and intricately knitted, our shawl is made up of posh and Supersoft Merino wool, which will pamper the skin with luxe softness and warmth, a perfect attire to keep the cold at bay. Offering great multi-functionality, you can comfortably wrap our awesome shawl around the head and neck to replace hat and scarf accessories. You can also drape the cloak over the shoulders to keep you warm. Wrapping the shawl toward the front creates a pull through the knot that creates a unique, layered look. Cozy and practical, our gorgeous shawl is a timeless piece with which you will never be bored with the numerous different styles to wrap it around you, keep stylish and warm.

The shawl can comfortably be worn on day or night, for formal or casual wear, giving you an authentic and unique look. Our marvelous Pull Through Cable Knit Shawl is the definite accessory during the cold spell.