Leprechaun Ireland Pottery Mug

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  • Green and Brown Ceramic Mug
  • Leprechaun Design
  • Glossy Finish
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Make your admiration and love for all things Irish part of your daily morning coffee with this Leprechaun Ireland Pottery Mug.

This mug is made of ceramic that boasts a beautiful glossy finish that shows off its olive green base color that is complemented by the earthy brown trim that circles the brim.

Decorating the face of the mug is an emblem-styled design in a light tan color that features a leprechaun.

Dressed in a traditional leprechaun ensemble that includes a three-piece, bowtie suit with buckled boots, buckled belt, and a buckled hat adorned with a shamrock, the bearded leprechaun is holding up a shamrock in his right hand with a slightly mischievous but amused look on his face.

He is also standing next to a pot overflowing with coins that sits at the end of a rainbow in the background. In Irish fables, leprechauns are known as little naughty creatures that craft shoes and keep gold coins in pots that are hidden at the ends of rainbows.

Finished off with a comfortably-sized handle and a smooth, round-cornered shape, this mug is a great way to bring some Irish charm to your day!

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