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Scottish Thistle Porcelain Mug


■ Perfect gift from Scotland, this premium quality mug is part of the Clare Baird collection
■ Made of sturdy porcelain, guaranteed long-lasting durability, if taken proper care of, it can last a lifetime
■ Dimensions: Height 4.05” & Diameter 2.75” - Ideal size for enjoying a mug of your favorite beverage
■ Scottish Thistle Design: the purple flower is an old emblem of Scotland, used throughout the centuries


Embrace the Scottish spirit with this adorable Scottish Thistle Porcelain Mug! Our mug is the ideal gift from Scotland, being both very practical and truly charming, with its meaningful Scottish Thistle design.

The Scottish Thistle is a purple wild flower, which represented an emblem of Scotland for several centuries. Everything started with a legend, according to which, the thistle saved a Scottish army from a Viking night ambush. When one of the Vikings stepped on a thistle, the sound woke up the Scottish soldier. They won that battle and, since that day, the flower represents a sign of courage.

The mug was made with premium porcelain, which is sturdy and promises long lasting durability. In order to prevent potential cracking, avoid exposing this product to drastic temperature changes. Wash after every use.