Royal Tara

Scottish Thistle Window Mug


■ Scottish Thistle: The mug features the traditional Scottish Thistle with purple petals and a green bulb and leaves. The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland.
■ Celtic Knots: Adorning this mug throughout are Celtic knots on the sides, brim, and handle. The infinite loops of the knots were used by ancient Celts to symbolize the undying love they shared with family and friends.
■ Bone China: This mug is made from bone china that offers great quality and durability.
■ Capacity: This mug has a capacity 11 fluid ounces, or 325 milliliters.


Bring meaningful Scottish pride to your home with this Scottish Thistle window mug! This mug is finely crafted from bone china and stands out among regular mugs with its striking flared shape. Lively blue serves as the base color for this mug that is decorated with ornate gold Celtic and Trinity knots accented with green and black on its exterior, inner brim, and handle.

At the center is the traditional Scottish Thistle with green leaves, a green bulb, and purple petals, and below is “Scotland” in gold letters against a black background. The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland. Legend has it that the thistle became the nation’s flower when a Viking invader stepped on one and let out a cry that alerted Scottish fighters to danger, helping them thwart the invaders. With a volume capacity of 11 fluid ounces (325 milliliters), this mug is perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea!