Royal Tara

Scottish Thistle Window Mug Set of 2


■ The set includes 2 Celtic mugs, crafted from the highest quality bone China porcelain
■ Pleasant design, illustrating famous Celtic heritage symbols such as the Scottish thistle and the Trinity Knot
■ Complementary piece for every kitchen, being a useful decoration for your home


The legend says that a sleeping party of Scottish warriors was saved from an ambush, as the enemies stepped onto a purple, spiky flower and the noise created was enough to wake them up and save themselves. This is how the thistle became a national symbol for Scotland for over 500 years, maintaining its significance to the present day.
Our Scottish Thistle Window Mug Set of 2 embodies the story of the savior-plant and the role it plays inside Scottish culture, bringing your heritage closer, into your daily habits. A perfect product for when you are in the mood for a cup of tea, meant to be shared with a loved one. Proudly showcase your Scottish roots with these two beautiful mugs, displayed in your kitchen, to impress all your guests.
Only the finest materials have been chosen for crafting this set and the composition of bone China promises durability, for a long, qualitative experience. Besides qualitative, our product is also a gem in terms of visuals - the vivid shades of blue, purple, black and gold harmoniously combine to create an eye-appealing experience. The design also subtly showcases the Trinity Knot, meant to represent the Holy Trinity, providing a spiritual and cultural background.