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Maire Irish Sweater

Out of stock
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  • Turtleneck sweater- the flattering turtleneck style makes this a cozy, snug sweater. It is the standout feature of the sweater, keeping your neck, shoulders, and chest warm during the cold spells.
  • Merino wool- the sweater is made from 100% Merino Wool, giving it a delicately soft and warm texture
  • Aran patchwork- the unique Aran Cable and Honeycomb stitching provides this sweater with a uniqueness connected to the rich Irish traditions and culture
  • Available in cool colors including Mist Marl, white and Connemara green. The variety in color is available for you to pick your favorite.
  • The sweater is available in a variety of sizes, from size S to XXL. You can pick your perfect fit from the collection available to comfortably rock it during the cold spell.


Manufacturer: Boyne Valley Knitwear

The cozy, gorgeous and majestic Maire Irish Sweater is an Irish gem. Combining comfort, warmth, and style, this Irish designed and produced sweater is super-soft, beautiful in texture with a plush turtleneck coming in both vibrant green and creamy white and flatters every complexion. This beautiful marvel is quite popular, especially during fall and winter for its unique outstanding design, comfort, and warmth it provides. The Aran connection with the sweater's uniqueness is enhanced by the inclusion of the exclusive and original Aran stitches and patterns. Aran knitting patterns have a vibrant and absolute connection in Ireland, named after Aran islands off the Western coast of Ireland. One of the oldest garment patterns in history, the Aran stitches can be traced back to several generations back. Initially used by farmers and farmers of Ireland during the cold times, Aran sweaters have retained their intricate patterns over the ages. The unique Aran designs can be found in socks, hats, gloves, and sweaters, and their presence is felt all over the globe. The Aran patterns are an identity of Ireland, and this intricate pattern is part and parcel of the rich Irish culture and traditions. The inclusion of the Aran designs into the Maire Irish sweater gives it a unique and original Irish touch. The sweater design and style The sweater has a unique feminine style giving it a classy look. The uniqueness of the sweater results from the use of the intricate and gorgeous Aran pattern in its design. Another standout style of the sweater is its texture, made from the Merino cool, giving it a fresh, soft and delicate touch. The standout feature of the sweater is the turtleneck, giving the sweater its perfect finished look and keeping you warm throughout. The sweater perfectly matches with jeans, trousers and even skirts, so you can comfortably wear them for any occasion. If you have been looking for a sweater that is stylish, soft and warm, then try out the Maire Irish sweater. The Maire Irish sweater has some fantastic features that make it a favorite to many during the cold spells. Buyers in the United States can place their order and have their product delivered to them within three days at no fee at all. If you have been looking for a sweater to gift your family, friend or loved one, the Maire Irish sweater is a perfect choice, and they will love it for its uniqueness in both design and style and how comfy and warm the sweater feels.  

Product Features We Adore

Turtleneck Sweater

Flattering Turtleneck to make this a cozy, snug sweater!

100% Merino Wool

Soft and thick Merino wool makes this sweater both luxurious and durable!

Aran Stiching

Stunning design with traditional Aran cable & honeycomb stitches

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