Hanna Hats

Herringbone Cap Harris Scottish Tweed Donegal Touring


■ Modern Fitted cap with a Donegal Touring design
■ Made from luxurious 100% Irish and Harris tweed wool and a taffeta lining
■ Vintage Grey Herringbone Patterned Design
■ Dry clean only for best maintenance



If you're a fan of the classic style, this Donegal Touring style cap is going to add some old-school flair to any outfit. The sewn-down peak is not only meant to protect you from the rain and the sun, but it also adds a more modern touch to the design. With its sleek and fitted shape, this cap will complement any face shape. Besides, the style is incredibly versatile, so you can wear this cap with a variety of outfits, casual or formal. The cap is made from the finest 100% wool that gives it warmth and durability. Due to its properties, it will keep you warm on the cold days of the year. The cap also features a viscose taffeta lining for additional comfort, versatility, and breathability. This Irish flat cap has an authentic charm that makes it a truly eye-catching piece. It will quickly become your go-to whenever the temperature drops. This gorgeous headwear accessory is sure to bring that vintage feel to any outfit. Dry clean only to prevent shape distortion and loss of quality over time.