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Irish Cap Tweed Donegal Touring - Brown Herringbone

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■ Handcrafted in Ireland from 100% Irish Tweed Wool
■ Slim and Classic Body , with a Sewn Down Peak and complementary Taffeta Lining
■ Suitable for both male and female styles, Available in a number of Size




Our beloved Donegal Touring Cap Tweed is handcrafted in Ireland, encapsulating the Celtic heritage in an authentic way. Made from luxurious fabrics, this Irish cap is a perfect go-to accessory for a wide assortment of occasions, from casual to formal. The product reflects lush and natural colours, in both neutral and vibrant shades, specific for the countryside of Donegal.
A charming cap made of 100% wool is the right accessory for chilly weather, marking a statement in every outfit. With the additional taffeta lining, a perfectly tailored look is completed. The slim body of the cap enhances elegance, as the peak is curved and sewn down. Suiting a feminine style as well as masculine one, this piece is suitable for all genders.