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Men's Irish Herringbone Flat Cap Green/Pink


■ Timeless Irish flat cap, the perfect accessory for any gentleman's wardrobe and a lovely gift idea 
■ Made in Killarney, Ireland, by the Mucros Weavers, a leading manufacturer of Irish wool accessories, well-known for the quality of its products 
■ Because this cap is handcrafted, each piece is completely unique, being made with meticulous attention to detail 
■ 100% Irish wool, ideal for an accessory for the cold season, equally warm and breathable, this cap can be worn all day without worries of discomfort 
■ Care Recommendations: please dry clean only, in order to achieve the best results 


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Embrace the unmatched Irish style, with our Men's Irish Herringbone Cap Green/Pink! This piece carries the timeless charm of the Irish, being an accessory worn throughout history. The Irish flat cap originated with a humorous law, intended to increase wool production. All men and boys were obliged to wear hats on holidays. This story might bring some giggles, but it was the starting point for a long line of Irish sophistication with a strong fingerprint on modern fashion.

This piece is made for gentlemen and is a must-have accessory, especially for the cold season. This is what makes it an ideal Christmas gift, and not only. Made of 100% Irish wool, the flat cap will keep you warm and cozy all day long. It is provided with full interior lining for extra comfort. Our flat cap is 100% handcrafted, by the skilled hands of experts in Killarney, Ireland. The manufacturer is Mucros Weavers, well-known for its high-quality wool accessories. Made with high-quality materials and high attention to detail in the manufacturing process, our flat caps guarantee long-lasting durability. However, in order to preserve their best condition, proper care is needed. Please only dry clean your cap.