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Irish Tweed Vintage Cap Brown Salt and Pepper


■ Full-bodied flat cap with a practical stud fastener on peak
■ Crafted from premium 100% Wool by skillful Irish experts
■ Suitable for all genders and for any occasion



Prepare for the cold season in style with this Irish vintage cap. This cap is made from luxurious tweeds with a taffeta lining which ensure that this cap is warm, versatile, very comfortable to wear, breathable and durable. The lovely salt and pepper patterns are reminiscent of fall colors and the Irish countryside. These rustic colors certainly give the design an authentic classic touch, while the full-bodied look gives the design a more modern touch. Crafted with premium 100% wool this cap is sure to keep you warm and dry during the cold season due to wool insulating properties. This vintage flat cap would make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe and a very stylish gift that will be treasured for many years to come!