Traditional Green Men's Irish Cap


■ Made from 100% wool and featuring a quilted lining that will keep you warm and comfortable all day long

■ Features a short, stiff brim, and an exquisite tapered shape that provides an incredibly snug fit

■ The design features a classic herringbone pattern for an authentic and timeless look

■ The hat is handmade by the skilled Irish craftsmen of Mucros Weavers, a company based in Killarney, County Kerry

■ Dry cleaning only is the best way to ensure that the shape, color, and quality of the hat are preserved 



This light green Donegal cap features a beautiful tweed texture with a modern color twist. This is the perfect style for men who like to go classic, but with a little bit of a twist in order to stand out. The curved cap boasts a sleek, tapered shape for a more sophisticated, western Irish look. Crafted with the finest tweed wool- a highly appreciated natural fiber, this cap will dress up any outfit.
One of the best things about this cap is that it is fit for men of any age thanks to the timelessness of its style.

Each hat is handmade and each and every one of them is an exquisite example of authentic Irish craftsmanship. If you want to look like a true Irish gentleman on any occasion, then this cap needs to be part of your wardrobe!

Look your best every day with this authentic Irish cap!