Mucros Weavers

Mucros Weavers Brown/Green Patch Flat Cap


■ Our patchwork Irish flat cap is crafted from 100% wool, known for its exceptional durability, natural elegance, and breathability

■ Sophisticated plaid and herringbone patterns in various shades of green and brown all come together to create the captivating look of this cap

■  Inspired by traditional Irish flat caps, the design features a flat brim at the front and sewn fastening, allowing for a variety of styling options

■ The addition of a luxurious quilted lining on the inside adds top-notch comfort, making the cap a pleasure to wear throughout the day

■ Suitable for both men and women, our patchwork cap makes an excellent gift for those who appreciate the elegance of traditional Irish fashion



For a cap that offers traditional style with timeless versatility, this Mucros Weavers Brown and Green Patch Flat Cap is the accessory for you! This hat is made of 100% wool, which is not only great for cold weather but also for warmer weather. While it can insulate the head from icy fall and winter winds, it also wicks moisture away to keep you cool, which is great for hotter weather.

The wool in this hat features sophisticated patchwork patterns like tweed and herringbone in various shades of green and brown. These patches come together to form the classic peak-style flat cap silhouette with sewn fastening, which will look great on anyone, man or woman.

The flat brim at the front adds sharp definition to the frame of the cap while also creating some vintage newsboy flair. Making the interior of the hat just as chic as the exterior is quilted lining that feels luxurious to the touch. This cap is truly a must-have accessory that will enhance any kind of look, casual or formal.

Make it a cool gift for someone with charming style!