Patrick Francis

Patrick Francis Book of Kells Muti Tweed Patch Flat Cap


■ Stylish flat cap made from 100% tweed, which is known for its warmth, durability, and weather resistance

■ This flat cap features a voluminous silhouette and a patchwork pattern inspired by the colors of the Book of Kells

■ Features a Celtic Knot accent on the front - an emblem that symbolizes unending love and interconnectedness

■ Part of the Patrick Francis collection, which includes a variety of luxurious and authentic Irish accessories

■ Dry cleaning only is recommended to ensure that the cap will maintain its shape and color over time



Light up your look with eye-catching splashes of color and style with this Book of Kells Muti Tweed Patch Flat Cap. This cap will insulate your head from the harsh winds of fall and winter with warmth and comfortable breathability. Featured in this hat is a striking tweed patchwork design that features rich hues of brown, red, and forest green with fine white stitching that creates chic dash stripe accents, adding dynamic charm to this piece.

On the front brown patch is a gold-toned Celtic Knot circle that boasts intricate loops and swirls, which ancient Celts popularly used to symbolize unending love and commitment in personal and family relationships. With a signature short brim and sleek silhouette, this hat beautifully shows off classic Irish flat cap flair. Pair this hat with neutral or earth tones for a sophisticated look.

This elegant yet fun cap will also go great with suede jackets, argyle sweaters, button-down shirts, and much more!