Mucros Weavers

Green Trinity Tweed Men's Cap


■ Timeless Irish flat cap, the ideal accessory for any gentleman’s closet and a beautiful gift idea
■ This cap is handcrafted, which means every single piece is completely unique and made with meticulous attention to detail
■ Made from 100% Wool, perfect for the cold season, being equally warm and breathable for the ultimate all-day comfort
■ Made in Ireland by Mucros Weavers in Killarney, Co. Kerry - this piece is a combination of Irish wool with Irish hands
■ Care Recommendations: please dry clean only, in order to achieve the best results



Adopt the timeless Irish style! Our 100% Wool Green Trinity Tweed Cap is a homage to the traditional Irish flat caps. This exquisite accessory was originally made for men and boys and its long heritage started with the need for an increase in wool production. Today, flat caps are unisex accessories that preserved their elegance over time. This piece is one of the customer favorite products in our selection of men's Irish apparel, timelessly made for gentlemen, the perfect accessory for the cold season.

Exactly like the original flat caps, ours is made from 100% Irish wool, which makes it warm and moisture-resistant. For increased comfort, the interior is fully lined, which allows breathability and helps in avoiding the itchy feeling wool might have in direct contact with the skin. This charming hat was made in Killarney, Ireland, by the Mucros Weavers, a leading manufacturer of Irish wool products, well-known for its high-quality products. Our flat cap perfectly combines Irish wool with skilled Irish hands. Every single piece is handcrafted, with meticulous care and attention to details. All of our customers get their own unique pieces.

Due to the high-quality materials and manufacturing process, this product guarantees long-lasting durability. In order to preserve its best condition over time, we recommend dry cleaning it only.